*Original Characters and Real people only. Cosplay Commissions are accepted!

*No mature content.

*No Fan Art.

Blood and horror is OK.

Samples: The Quality you can expect.

Payment: Paypal only

What you will get:

  1. Core File (PSD)
  2. Uncompressed print file (TIFF or PNG)
  3. Image for web use (JPEG)


Client must be 18+

Artist has the right to decline request.

All intellectual Property remain the property of Client. However Licensing is different. Commissions are non-commercial purpose only for both Client and Artist (No selling prints and products). Commissions for commercial purposes are currently not available.

Artist has the right to showcase the work unless Commission is specified as Private.

Payment must be received after the Artist accepts the commission request.

Artist is not responsible for any Copyright violations. Reference images and Intellectual Property must belong to the Client unless specified (ie: Is the commission a gift?)

*Not Required, but please give credit to the original artist by referring to their website!



*If your commission is accepted, Artist will send you an email with the subject line “Commission Request Accepted”. Please make sure your email is correct.

*Artist WILL NOT share or store your data, only the artwork once completed.