Can I share your work on social media sites and my personal website/blog?

Yes, you may share my work but you must credit me. Provide my name and a link to my website and do not edit my images or cut out the watermark / signature. Example: Artwork by Marissa Rivera

Before you share, read the terms.


  • Never repost my art without my link and name.
  • Do not repost freelance work. Not all of my clients are OK with this.
  • Do not use my work, commercial or noncommercial purposes. This includes promoting your business, opinions and beliefs.
  • Do not create derivatives from my work.
  • You may print my work and hang it, but do not make money from it.
  • Use of my characters as Roleplaying material (i.e. to represent you or another character or use them in your RP world) is not allowed. This includes wiki sites. My material is for my use only.


But I see other people using your work. Why can’t I?

Just because someone else did, doesn’t mean you should too. If anyone is using my work in a way that goes against my rules, please let me know.

Difference between sharing and using work?

Sharing means you show your friends and family or blog readers an artwork you like. They can then check out that artist’s website. Using is using the artwork for your own agenda, like using it in a banner, a cover, a wikia project, etc.

Do all artists allow their work to be shared without needing permission?

No. My rules, my art. Every artist is different. Be considerate and always make sure an artist is ok with their art being shared / used. And be careful with commercial art, companies do not like their paid work being used.

Questions? Contact me pearlphoenix [at]

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