Update – As of Dec 18, 2022, Sharing of my art is no longer allowed.

Due to the prevalence of AI, I cannot protect my work from AI scraping outside my portfolio site. My website has a NoAI code. Until there are new ways to protect future images from AI scraping, I will not allow the sharing of my images.

Please see new Terms.


  • Clients reserve the right to post work done for them.
  • Re-posting, sharing my personal works is not allowed.
  • Do not use my work for commercial or noncommercial purposes. i.e: selling products, promoting your business, opinions and beliefs.
  • Do not use my work for AI learning purposes / generating images.
  • Do not create derivatives from my work.
  • Do not use my Characters for role playing purposes.

Questions? Contact me pearlphoenix [at] gmail.com

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